Float Boat Catching we have to offer!

Places to stay

White Pine Motel    208-476-9035

Helguson Place      208-476-5729

Lodge at River's Edge   208-476-9999

Konkleville Motel   208-476-5584

Things you need to know!

        What you need to bring

  • Your lunch and beverages
  • Your Idaho fishing license
  • Warm clothes and rain gear
  • Don't forget the camera

     11120 Hwy. 12     Orofino, Idaho   83544      208-476-7244 (cell + office)


         What we provide

  • We provide the boat
  • All tackle needed
  • Knowledgable guide
  • Heated boat

Steelhead Catching:

We have here in Idaho one of the premier Steelhead runs  in North America. Steelhead are giant Rainbow Trout that has the ability to travel to the Pacific Ocean as fry, grow to an adult and return to spawn and continue the next generation. Have to admire them, they travel down 3 rivers to the Pacific, over 500 miles. They have to make their way thru dams, gill nets, birds, fishermen, sea lions and lord knows what else. They are a great trophy fish! The fish that come back to this river average 12 lbs. and some trip the scale over 20lbs! As you can see from some of our photos, we do rather well at catching these great fish. We have a few different techniques that  we have  developed over the last  20 years we have been in business. A majority of our Steelhead catching is from September thru March. Contact us for current pricing

Fly Catching:

Early season ( September and early Oct) is our catch and release portion. A really great time to be on the river here.Warm days and sunny skies and fish that  love to jump and pull hard with  the warm water. One of the best times to land these great fish on a floating fly line and a skating fly. You don't catch a bunch but when you do land one on a fly, it will be the biggest  Rainbow you have ever had in your hands!  As fall progresses into winter we go from floating fly lines to sink tips. November, December and January are some of our more favorite times to be here. And yes they will chase a fly! Some days you might get lucky and hook-up with a few fish  as opposed to 1 maybe 2 in early season.

Gear catching:

We have quite a great  time in the early catch and release part of the season! The last few years we have been having a catch and Keep Fall Chinook fishery. You can tell by looking at the photo's, some of these can be giants!  Also we have  been having a Coho Salmon fishery going on. Kinda nice to have the oppurtunity to catch both Steelhead and Salmon on the same day! All of our river catching is from Drift boats. We prefer to fish 2 anglers at  a time.  Occasionally we get a request to a third angler and We have the ability to  fish 3 anglers in a boat. Currently we have 2 boats available  to handle those trips. Keep season our river starts October 15. Fishes very consistent all winter The weather is  pretty dang nice here.