As you can tell from some of the latest photo's, catching  has been pretty dang good! Some of the  Smallmouth just above weighed a solid 8+lbs! We saw quite a few fish that ended up being wall hangers!  What a great time we have been experiencing!    

Wanna catch a whopper?  You can with us!

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 Fishing Report!  

Oct 25th, 2022

Well it's that time year again! Time  to get back to Fall catching!

Looks like the Clearwater river is going to have some fish this fall!  We are looking at a Pretty Dang Good Steelhead run to the Clearwater! In a recent email from  IDFG, they are telling us that we are going to experience one of the best "B run's" in a long time! Currently they are saying if everything gets here that came over Bonneville Dam recently, we could see 30,000+ B Run Steelhead this fall! Last time we had a run like this was in 2010! Between now and Oct. 14 we have some room! First keeper we are having a 2 adult limit.  This season they changed things up a bit. We have a keep season from Sept. 1st thru Oct. 14. Oct. 15 keep closes and becomes catch ans release til Nov. 9 then keep opens back up on Nov.10. Steelhead numbers are a lot better then last year!  Also we have a really fun Fall Chinook Salmon season going on. Some of these fish are pigs! Best one last year was close to 30lbs! Both of these fisheries are currently open. We start chasing these fish in mid September. Both fisheries should be really good in late Sept. thru mid Oct.! Some of the best parts of this is catching Steelhead in flip flops, t shirt and shorts!  No long Johns!   We have some openings. If you are interested in this, contact me soon!  either by email: or phone: 208-476-7244 leave a message if you call or you can text me. Can fill pretty quickly so I wouldn't wait too long to get on the calendar!

Once again Alan and myself will be the guides. We prefer 2 anglers to a boat. Occasionlly we can fish a 3rd angler. Once again we are fishing in drift boats.

​We have some room!

We look forward in meeting you on the water!!

     11120 Hwy. 12     Orofino, Idaho   83544      208-476-7244 (cell + office) 

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Current openings!

Oct. 25th, 2022

  • ​Nov 2 - 3 - 5 and 6 has room for a boat
  • Week of Nov. 21 we have some room early in the week!
  • Thanksgiving weekend and into Dec. we have some room. get ahold of us and see where you fit in!

Don't wait til you hear catching is good! probably going to miss the bite!

When I post these openings, seems like they fill fairly quick, so try not too wait very long to get you date on the Calendar!

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